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Hush Country Maple Moonshine Review by Common Man Cocktail


Hush is a new brand that now encompasses a half dozen flavors of moonshine, hailing from the realm of North Charleston, South Carolina. These are corn-based products (grain neutral spirits) that undergo a secret, “patented refining process called TerraPURE” before bottling. (Technically it can’t be both secret andpatented, but this is flavored moonshine, so who’s counting?)

Anyhoo, Hush sent us one of its many flavors — spiced apple — for us to put to the test. Which we did.

Pure apple cider attacks the nose. That unmistakable cinnamon/clove/baked apple mix permeates the room and, soon enough, your palate as it takes hold once you begin sipping. Well-sugared but not quite over the top, Hush rumbles along, content to hold forth its autumnal agenda until, eventually, some of the more bitter elements start to hit more squarely on the finish. Things start to gum up at the back of the palate at this point, but that isn’t much of a surprise. This is a simple spirit with modest goals, and by and large it achieves them. Best of 2014, the Boozy Edition From Drinking In America on 

Hush Spiced Apple Moonshine
Legal moonshine has been spreading like wildfire all over the country, and last September Hush Moonshine added another flavor to their collection with Spiced Apple Hush Moonshine, just in time for the fall. The moonshine has a sweet and spicy combination starting out with a classic apple pie flavor followed by a spicy cinnamon back end. Their “secret” refining method, which eliminates all impurities from distillation, has won over critics who typically stray away from moonshine because of the intimidating stigma surrounding it.

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Video Review of Hush Spiced Apple by Common Man Cocktail



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Hush Moonshine Spiced Apple
Grain Neutral Spirits with Natural Flavors
TerrePURE Spirits/Good Life Brands
South Carolina, USA
80 Proof (40% Alcohol)
If where you're at is anything like where I'm at, then the weather has just started to cool down for Fall.  And thank goodness!  I love this time of year!  Cooler weather is perfect and, as usual, we get a whole onslaught of new beverages perfect for the season.  Case in point this new moonshine, Hush SpicedApple Moonshine!
If you've been following Bob's Brew and Liquor Review for anytime now, you will have noticed I've reviewed several "moonshines" and white whiskeys.  Now this isn't actual moonshine, rather "moonshine" in parenthesis.  Real moonshine isn't sold in stores, silly.  But the principal is the same, it's a corn liquor-based spirit like traditional moonshine.  
Reading through Hush Moonshine's press material, you'll see this is distilled at 190 Proof, which as I've said before, is as high as traditional distilling methods can distill.  Past that, it takes chemical and other means to get higher.  Regardless, they then water it down to the traditional 80 Proof.  But enough chit chat, let's taste this bad boy...
Hush Spiced Apple Moonshine looks the same color as a light apple juice, which is very fitting actually.  Aromas are of apple juice, cinnamon, and vanilla - and really quite appetizing.  Tasting straight brings a bit hit of cinnamon and clove, followed by notes of  sweet mulled cider, vanilla bean, corn liquor-y undertones (if you know this taste, you'll get it), and a spicy, lingering bit of cinnamon bark in the finish.
This is surprisingly potent and flavorful.  Somehow I underestimated this one, even with the cool bottle and moonshine written right on the label.  To me, this is kind of like Firewater mixed with apple juice and a splash of straight corn whiskey.  And if you know me, you'll know that it evokes plenty memories of good times in both the Fall and Winter.  This is tasty enough to drink straight, but I prefer it on the rocks.  ALTHOUGH, my guess is many people are going to take it as a shot, and hey, do whatever you want.  It's going to be like a slightly gentler, apple-y Firewater, which does makes for a tasty, daring shot.
Overall, well above average for this category of booze.  Go buy it if it sounds awesome.  A nice change of pace this time of year, for sure!  
Drink This: if you want a cinnamon-forward apple flavored moonshine that is well above average.  Seriously, this is perfect for fall.  Pour it over cracked ice and sip... or take a shot.  Whatever! 
Don't Drink This: if you're a traditionalist and want your booze unflavored.
Cheers, my friends!

Country Maple Hush Moonshine
Grain Neutral Spirits with Natural Flavors
TerrePURE Spirits/Good Life Brands
South Carolina, USA
80 Proof (40% Alcohol)

Recently I posted a review of the Spiced Apple Hush Moonshine (yes, that's a link to the review, feel free to check it out!).  Which was surprisingly tasty and delicious, especially for a flavored moonshine (aka. unaged corn whiskey).  So, what do we have now??  Another one from Hush Moonshine!  This time we are reviewing the Country Maple Hush Moonshine.
So again, this is a flavored corn-based liquor that is distilled to 190 proof, flavored, and watered down.  The unique thing, however, is it is made using the TerrePURE method of distilling, which from what I can gather, is basically witchcraft and magic and unicorns thrown into an immersion blender.  
Okay, not really, but that's what it seems like at first.  Actually the TerrePURE technology has to do with taking a distilled spirit and applying ultrasonic energy and oxygen to remove some of the byproducts of the fermentation process such as the funky esthers and non-ethanol alcohols that cause off flavors and increase odds of getting a hangover (aside from simple dehydration, of course).  So basically, this makes a more "pure" spirit.

Regardless, let's taste this booze...

The Country Maple Hush Moonshine smells like light maple with a hint of butterscotch.  Tasting brings the gentle flavors of light Grade A Maple Syrup followed by a blast of corn liquory sweetness, finishing with a distinct "moonshine" corn whiskey-like finish.  If you've tried several brands of corn whiskey, corn liquor, or moonshines, you'll know the flavor I'm talking about.

All in all, Country Maple Hush Moonshine is pretty dang delicious and drinkable.  Really, really tasty on the rocks.  I genuinely prefer this to Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey.  Again, like with the Spiced Apple Hush Moonshine, well above average for a flavored moonshine.  This does evoke images of Fall, flannel, and sitting by the campfire.  Considering the current time of year, count me in!

Drink This: if you'd like a maple-flavored moonshine that tastes like real maple, without becoming cloyingly sweet.  It's perfect for the Fall and slowly cooling weather.  Drink it on ice.
Don't Drink This: if you're looking for either a super SWEET flavored liquor or completely dry flavored liquor.  This is sweet, but not overly so, yet that's why I could see some people wanting their moonshine on either end of the spectrum (sweeter or not at all).
Cheers, my friends!