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What is Hush Moonshine?

Keeping a secret can be difficult, and when it is a juicy secret it might be near impossible. It takes a great deal of willpower and determination, not to want to tell someone what you just heard. 

The moonshine business was built on confidence, loyalty and the ability to keep secrets. The most successful Shiners surrounded themselves and their operations with trusted family, friends and associates. 

Our Moonshine production is not a criminal activity. We create our product from scratch with a trustworthy distiller and the best flavorists. Hush Moonshine is simply the smoothest, grain spirit on the market. We utilize a "Secret" refining method that eliminates any and all impurities from distillation. This is our secret….


HUSH Cocktails

Hush Moonshine is smooth and clean enough to drink straight but with such unique flavors, its also fun to mix into creative and exciting cocktails. Endulge in some of our favorite drink recipes.


HUSH Gift Sets

Why keep HUSH all to yourself? With unique gift designs, it will be hard to keep your lips sealed. So, share the secret with your closest friends and family.  


HUSH Reviews

We know Hush Moonshine is awesome, but check out what other people think. Here is a collection of reviews from various bloggers/ vloggers and other very important people.

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